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Maybe the problem is between the Stool and the Saw

Help is here

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How I make Woodimals
Sometime I will update this
Make Copes of the pattern, cut to size.

I Then cover my wood with Packing Tape. New: I use Blue Painters Tape

I read somewhere to cover the Pattern with packing tape and it would help the life of the blade.

I never was any good at following directions. I do it because I spray both the packing tape on the wood and the back of the cut out pattern with spray glue.

Easy to remove the pattern afterwards, and the pattern stays put for ever.

I layout the pattern on the wood to determine the best fit.
I like to make to 5 or 6 at a time
Do a rough cut on the Bandsaw and/or Scrollsaw to make manageable pieces.

I get most of my RED OAK from Home Depot and have it cut down to 5 foot lengths.

Now I am ready to cut using a #5 flying Dutchman blade.
But First, make sure the blade is Square to the table. New: Use a Credit Card. It's square.

Ray Williams gave me the best advise on my Dewalt.



I start with a small square, then cut out a one inch square out of a 2x4 scrape piece and make sure it will slide out both directions

I mark the Letters needing to be cut out with a red marking pen and drill using a 1/8th in bit.
next to my saw I have a box fan blowing away from me with a furnace filter on it. helps me breath better and it its quiet.

When I cut , scrapes go to the left, the puzzle to the right .

Old: this is my OLD Dewalt

I use a #60 drill bit as a starter hole for the vein cuts.
Just before I am ready to make the puzzle. I do a final sanding of any large area's and the bottom.
YES, these sticks really do work.
again checking each piece as I cut I make sure it slides in both directions for an easy fit.
As I cut, I reassemble the pieces back into the puzzle, remember I do more than one at a time and don't want the try and refit them from a pile.
I dip all the parts in WATCO Golden Oak stain. let them set for about 30 minutes on newspaper in boxes.
After 30 minutes I wipe them dry and blow with air.
then pile them up with layers of paper towel and plywood.

Let them sit for 2 days and stain them one more time.

After the last drying period, they are ready to come into the house without to much of a oil smell.


Sure glad this pool table has a use.


From here I give them away.

Found the secret to HIGH VOLUME is LOW PRICES. So far I have only had to pay postage to give them away.


  Thanks for taking a look. I just follow the lines and make sawdust